Can chiropractic help you?

There is a huge amount of wisdom in the nervous system. From growing liver cells to making your heart beat, all healing and regeneration comes from the ability of this system to regulate your body and therefore, live the healthy life that you were genetically designed for.
If you feel as though you aren’t reaching your potential, are in poor health or experiencing pain then chiropractic may be something that can help you.


Anna Beaton

BAppSc (CompMed) MClinChiro (Honours)

Chiropractic has been part of my life since my first adjustment just a few days after I was born. Growing up with my whole family under chiropractic care, I experienced a real difference in our family’s health compared to that of my friends. From there, becoming a chiropractor was simply a natural choice.
Too often in healthcare today people feel as though they aren heard, that the system gives them quick-fixes or it is seen to be like a business rather than a place of healing.
Growing up and throughout my career I was in an environment that provided support and genuine care for patients and their wellbeing, this is what I feel people deserve and this is what I provide to the people who come to see me.
For this reason I have made it a priority to continue to grow my knowledge continuously and provide the best care.
My goal is to assist you whatever reason you choose to come. It may be anything as simple as reducing your pain to supporting your body to achieve a state of wellbeing that allows you pursue the aspirations you have for life.
Should I feel that chiropractic cannot help in your situation, I will endeavour to find someone who can.
Chiropractors Association of Australia, Dutch Federation of Chiropractic, International Chiropractors Association, the College of Chiropractic Neuro-developmental Pediatrics, the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, SOTO Europe, and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.
Advanced Cranials, Intra-oral Cranials, Advanced Manipulative Reflex Technique (C.M.R.T), Thompson terminal technique, Dutch Federation of Chiropractic, Chiropractors Association of Australia, International Chiropractors Association, the College of Chiropractic Neuro-developmental Pediatrics, the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, SOTO Europe, SOTO Australia and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.
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I had suffered with back pain for many years and tried countless avenues for relief. After being adjusted and learning about how chiropractic can influence all areas of health, not only did my back pain resolve but I am better able to focus at work and have much more energy.

Brielle Jones Marketing & Sales Manager at TriGlobal

I began seeing Anna as I had headaches and low back pain that was stopping me being able to exercise. As someone who has a background in the health industry and place a high value on health, I sought some relief and came across chiropractic.
I like seeing Anna because she is genuine, understanding and provides a high standard of care to help keep me living a healthy life!

Marije Van Der Made Former editor Women's Health Netherlands, Vlogger

Anna heeft een warme persoonlijkheid en altijd als ik bij haar kom voor een adjustment voelde ik mij op mij op mijn gemak. Ik ben chiropractie niet gaan doen wegens pijn klachten maar als toevoeging op een gezonde levensstijl. Anna is een chiropractor die positief in het leven staat, op de hoogte is van de laatste kennis en altijd met je mee wilt denken hoe een situatie beter zou kunnen, lichamelijk of juist op andere vlakken in het leven

Katie Neperus Personal Trainer and Coach, Amsterdam